The top five dribblers in the Premier League this season


Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Everton, and Newcastle United players feature in the list below

Dribbling can often be an exciting part of the game, for it is a chance for a player to show his skill when carrying the ball, and his ability to take on other players. It is no surprise that the players in this list have a fair bit of pace that they can use.

The combination of pace and good dribbling technique is a deadly combination. Everyone would like two wingers in their starting eleven capable of running up and down the wing all game long. Taking the ball past the opposition, whipping crosses in, and getting themselves into dangerous areas.

The list is based on the most dribbles completed per game on average.

1) Andros Townsend

The Spurs winger is at the top of this list by some way. He has had a fantastic start to this season, which has caught many by surprise. Not many would have predicted that by November he would have become such a key player for club and country. He showed great confidence when making his debut for England and is not afraid to try and go forward with the ball on every occasion. He has successfully completed 5.5 dribbles per game. This means that 5.5 times per game he dribbles and then delivers the ball to a teammate. 55 times so far this season. Head and shoulders above the rest. What should also be considered are the dribbles that gain territory where he may end up getting tackled, but could win his team a throw-in or a corner.

2) Luis Suarez

Suarez is one of the most skilful players in the Premier League. When he gets the ball, anything is possible. His close ball control is exceptional, he very rarely lets the ball get too far away from him, and this makes it very hard for the other team to foul him. On average Luis has 3.3 successful dribbles per game. Suarez has already scored eight goals and has one assist so far this season. His dribbles create opportunities for others too. Defenders move over to try and tackle Suarez leaving space for players like Daniel Sturridge to run into.

3) Fabian Delph

A surprise considering Delph plays centrally for Aston Villa. There were many calls for Fabian to be included in the latest England squad. He didn’t make it, but has been one of Villa’s star performers so far this season. Delph completes 2.9 dribbles per game on average. Not bad for someone considered to be a defensive midfielder. Delph is someone who has the confidence to start a breakaway for his side. His statistics show that he will often dribble his way out of tight situations and try and create space for other teammates.

4) Ross Barkley

Another young central midfielder, but this time more of an attacking one. Like Townsend, Barkley oozes bundles of confidence for his age. He is more than willing to carry the ball forward, and looks extremely comfortable in doing so. He completes 2.8 dribbles on average per game. Barkley can be so dangerous to the opposition that it has led to him being fouled on average 2.6 times a game, the seventh highest in the league. It also leads to an average of 2.5 shots per game. Everton have a gem in Barkley, he is someone who brings an awful lot to the side.

5) Hatem Ben Arfa

The Newcastle United attacker is one of the trickiest players in the league. He famously scored a fantastic goal against Bolton Wanderers when he dribbled from his own half past half a dozen Bolton players, before slotting the ball in the net. The Frenchman also has an average of 2.8 dribbles per game. Ben Arfa has played in numerous positions for the Magpies this season, centrally, and on both flanks. His dribbling skills are able to cause problems all over the pitch, and on his day can look a superb player.


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