The 5 fastest shots ever recorded in Football


Former Manchester United, Sheffield Wednesday, Real Madrid and Juventus players feature in this list of the top five most powerful strikers of the football.

On Tuesday night Zlatan Ibrahimovic again showed why he is one of the best players on this planet.

The Swede is on a great run of form at the moment and is scoring superb goals. Ibra scored four goals as PSG beat Anderlecht 5-0. His third goal rocketed into the top corner and was recorded at 93mph.

Others have hit shots faster than that though. Below are five shots which are believed to be the fastest ever. Obviously it is a hard thing to record and measurements were not taken in the early days of the game.

5. Ritchie Humphreys – Sheffield Wednesday – 1996 95.9 mph This volley from Humphreys gave The Owls an opening day victory over Aston Villa in 1996. It was even more memorable for Humphreys as it was his first-team debut. Skip to 0.55 in the video below.


4. David Trezeguet – AS Monaco – 1998 96 mph

This effort from a young David Trezeguet against Manchester United flew into the goal giving Raimond Van der Gouw no chance. The Monaco side that day also included Fabien Barthez, Willy Sagnol, Ali Bernabia, John Collins and Thierry Henry.


3. David Beckham – Manchester United – 1997 97.9 mph

Goldenballs himself features on this list. I hope it brightens up his week after snippets from Fergie’s book made him out to be someone after stardom rather than a successful Football career. Unfortunately there seems to be no video evidence of this strike. But the record books state that an effort against Chelsea on 27th February 1997 reached 97.9 mph.

2. David Hirst – Sheffield Wednesday – 1996 114 mph

This banger of a shot from David Hirst was unfortunate not to hit the back of the net. Instead it gave the crossbar a good testing. Hirst was famously courted by Sir Alex Ferguson in the early 90’s, but after many bids were rejected United signed Eric Cantona and the rest is history.


Ronny Heberson –Sporting Lisbon – 2006  131mph

Coming in at number one, you may not have heard of him, but Ronny Heberson unleashed such a powerful free-kick that you may have to watch the video quite a few times just to see the ball. It was lucky that the free-kick did end up in the back of the net, and not hitting someone in the wall in a rather unfortunate area.


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