Toure brothers unknowingly cause havoc in Newcastle

Yaya Toure

A large group of people broke out into song after leaving clubs in Newcastle. The Toure chant well known by many was sung by hundreds of people

The famous chant of Yaya Yaya Yaya…. you know the rest, was started by a student in the early hours of Wednesday morning in Newcastle after leaving a club. Before he knew it hundreds of other people had started joining in too. The catchy song was recorded by one student, and the scenes are quite incredible.

The hundreds of people enjoying the chant were doing so in the middle of the road, and so traffic in Newcastle City Centre was brought to a standstill. Taxi drivers weren’t best pleased, but the crowd carried on for 10 minutes apparently.

The chant is well known by many Football fans and the song is so catchy it anyone can join in. There were probably barely any Manchester City fans there at that point making it even more remarkable.  Check out the video yourself below. All together now “KOLO KOLO KOLO…………..”



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