How Cristiano Ronaldo’s first nickname came back to haunt him


Ronaldo’s mother has revealed the star player’s nickname as a youngster, and we have all witnessed why he was given that name

Cristiano Ronaldo has received numerous nicknames from Football fans, some good, some bad. His mother has revealed what he used to be called as a youngster and it seems that the characteristics surrounding that name have never left him.

The Real Madrid forward’s mother revealed that he was called “cry baby” as a child. “The tears would start rolling down his cheeks whenever his team-mates didn’t pass the ball to him or when he or one of the others missed a goal, a pass or even if he or his colleagues didn’t play as well as he wanted.” reports Goal.

Now where have we seen that before?

Oh yes that’s right, Ronaldo famously opened the floodgates after heavy favourites Portugal lost the Euro 2004 final to Greece.


He has also often seem to be angered at his teammates when they fail to give him the ball. He is obviously an exceptional talent, but this revelation from his mother brings Ronaldo back down to Earth a little bit.

He is in superb form for Madrid this season, but even Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t always get what he wants.


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