Liverpool’s Harry Wilson nets Grandfather £125,000


Wilson made his debut for Wales on Tuesday, which in turn made £125,000 for his Grandfather. This is not the first time such an event has occurred.

Scouts, managers, and other players may say they knew Harry Wilson would become a good player from a young age, but his Grandfather took a punt on him when he was just 18 months old. At that time he placed a £50 bet on his grandson one day going on to play for Wales.

Peter Edwards, now 62 probably never thought the bet would actually come off for him, especially not so soon into Harry Wilson‘s career. He must have been so anxious to see his grandson come off the bench against Belgium. Aged 16 and 207 days, Wilson has become the youngest player to ever feature for Wales. That in itself is a good enough reason for celebration. Now the family can really celebrate, and Peter Edwards is planning on taking retirement a year earlier than planned.

The bet was placed at a bookmakers in Wrexham. Edwards was quoted odds of 2,500/1, and he placed £50 on this. Thankfully he kept the betting slip somewhere safe over these 15 years! Harry Wilson is not the first player to net their family some money after making a debut.

Chris Kirkland made his debut for England in August 2006, and won his family £10,000. They had placed a bet on Kirkland when he was 14 that he would play for England before he was 30. They placed £100 on at 100/1 and after an injury ravaged career Kirkland eventually played for England after showing great potential at a young age.

The father of Ryan Tunnicliffe also won £10,000 after his son played for Manchester United. It was also a £100 bet on at 100/1. His dad could yet win further money in the future. He would be due £35,000 if Tunnicliffe goes onto play for England.


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